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1 Contact information

OPX is provided via the websites http://johannes-willkomm.de/opx/ by Johannes Willkomm. When we refer to "Services", "we", "us", or "OPX" in the text, we refer to Johannes Willkomm, Am Friedrich 7, 52074 Aachen, Germany.

You may also contact us by email under johannes@johannes-willkomm.de.

2 Introduction

You are only allowed to use our Services if and when:

  1. You agree to these Terms and Conditions
  2. You agree to our Privacy Policy

If you do not agree to any part of our Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy, you may not use our Services.

3 Privacy statement

OPX has the following provacy policy which details our use of Cookies and the storage of your data on our servers.

3.1 Cookie policy

OPX currently uses Cookies only where required for the internal operations. Currently we may employ a so called session cookie when you visit our websites.

3.2 Temporary storage of submitted data

We will store the data submitted for transformation on our servers to provide our Services to you. This storage is temporary, which means OPX will regularly delete any data you upload to our Services and the logs relating to your acitivities.

In exceptional cases or accidentally your data may persist for longer periods on our servers, but we will consider such cases as erroneous and always strive to remidy such situations as soon as possible, by deleting such temporary data.

3.3 Explicit storage of data

When and where OPX provides for the explicit storing of personal data, such as email adresses or other personal information, this data will always remain tied to your user account and you will be able to inspect, downlaod or delete such data at any time and as soon as possible.

3.4 Storage of other or ephemeral data

Other kind of personal data such as IP adresses may be sent to our servers when you access our services and stored there as part of the processing of requests on our servers. This kind of data is typically stored in log files, for example.

Such information comprises in particular server logs. It is generally anonymized, but it usually does include your IP address.

We will use these server log files to perform statistical analyses of the usage of our servers.

3.5 No selling of data

OPX does not currently intent to sell your data to third parties. In particular there is currently no advertisement on our websites.

3.6 Potential use of data

OPX may review, analyse, inspect, run, debug, modify and otherwise use any content you upload for one of the following exceptional reasons:

  • to enhance the Service
  • to research and statistically analyse the use of the Service
  • to maintain the integrity and security of the Service

In none of these cases we will forward or make available any of your data to third parties.

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